Robotics and automation course

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In this course, we'll learn electrical engineering basics and important computer science topics. For that, we will use Tinkercad – the joyful programming and electronics simulator tool designed by Autodesk.

We will teach you how to program the Arduino, how to use sensorselectric motors and all the way to creating real-life electronic circuits. We'll learn by actually practicing and analyzing real applications. But what’s truly special and valuable in this course is that the lessons are carefully designed to target specific programming and electronics concepts without getting into boring or complex details.

If you do not have any experience with programming or electronics, that’s OK! Because we designed this course for the absolute beginners. The course is mainly focused on not only giving technical details but also providing real applications to explain the importance of the lecture topics.

  • We are going to start understanding microcontrollers, especially Arduino and then we will jump right into creating our first circuit and learn basics of electrical engineering.

  • We will learn how traffic lights works and how they are programmed to control the flow of traffic.

  • Then, we are going to learn what is a push button and how walk buttons work to help pedestrians across the road.

  • And after that we will understand what is a sensor and we will make an alarm system that will inform us when the burglar entered house.

  • Following that, we are going to see how electric motors work and we will create a servo motor circuit that automates opening and closing the doors or windows.

  • Finally, we will make Smart Home Project which provides automating the ability to control items around the house.

Upon completing this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to create fun and useful Arduino projects.

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