Jinta's English Intermediate classes

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  • LSRW based syllabus. One-to-one live video classes where the student and teacher interact for about thirty minutes. Speaking and listening activities will be conducted during the session while reading and writing will be given as after-class activities. The curriculum will be customised as per the students' requirements after the students undergo an assessment to understand their level of expertise
  • Students at the Intermediate level are eligible for these classes
  • The number of sessions available is 20 sessions/40 sessions/60 sessions.
  • The number of sessions can be selected by the student as per their requirement. The learning sessions will take place daily from Monday to Friday, test sessions on Saturdays and Sundays will be a holiday
  • Time of each session: 30 to 40 minutes
  • Price per session: Rs.300
  • Learning app and soft copies of study materials will be provided to the enrolling students
  • A certificate of completion will be provided to the students on successful completion of the course.

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