Cricket Math

Cricket Math

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Cricket Math is a collaboration between the Agarkar Centre of Excellence, also popularly called ACE and UnMath School. It is an idea envisioned where the virtual ‘math-game’ combines sports action in a flexible format, bringing alive the relevance of both math & cricket concepts.

The entire program has been conceptualised and created under the able guidance of Mr. Ajit Agarkar, Ms. Fatema Agarkar,Founders, Agarkar Centre of Excellence who bring in years of sports and education expertise and Mr. Divesh Bathija,Founder UnMath School who mentors and orients students to decode math and cricket case-studies with ease.

The idea is to use Mr. Agarkar’s illustrious career matches (he’s a veteran of 4 World Cups) as a backdrop. Cricket Math uses the generic grade level ‘syllabus’ learning outcomes taught in schools (national or international) and creates unique game based case studies for students to ‘solve’ while ‘playing’ live with fellow students. Through these engaging, interactive virtual sessions, students learn to apply different math concepts like quadratic equations, linear and non-linear equations, transformations, decimals to name a few, essentially ‘applying’ math concepts learnt in school. But this time, in a way that connects to real life, especially a sport like Cricket.

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