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Novice Level
The basic level 1 of the Chinese language is designed especially for the novice who has no background of the same. We teach this by utilizing the prescribed texts in direct and interactive techniques. The curriculum promotes many sorts of interactivity within the student who are the basic building block of learning a new language. Moreover, an advanced level of such language is also provided by us with pocket-friendly rates.
Course contents
• Basic grammar & usage
• Effort on spoken skills & listening comprehension
• Able to understand the simple talk in Chinese language by offering learning in basic vocabulary of about 400 words.
• Intensive focus on Tones & Pronunciation
• Total words to be learnt – around 400
• Chinese Character (script) writing – around 150 characters
• Internet terms, computer terms, business terms (basic)
• Understand about Chinese culture, custom & traditions, manners & etiquettes
• Films on situational and different dialogues, Chinese culture, festivals, etc.
• There are many different real-life scenario dialogues being practiced during the class
• After completing this phase, students will be able to understand some basic dialogue in Chinese, exchange daily greetings, and able to ask simple questions in Chinese.
• Basic familiarity with language
Intermediate Level
Course contents:
The main objective of this course is to develop an ability of the student’s in their everyday life with Chinese dialogue as well as Chinese speaking. Besides this, the surveying and developing what has been covered in phase 1, few traditional Chinese culture will be introduced during the sessions. This phase utilizes an update sequence from the last level. As students have the ability to understand a basic concept of Chinese at the current level, therefore, further teachings mostly depend heavily on an oral Chinese instruction and interaction as well along with valuable communication skills and more practices within a proper Chinese atmosphere. Further, it covers writing of many different Chinese characters as well as creating short stories which hold at the length simple conversations.
Duration: 3 months
Time: 30 hrs

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