Arabic language classes

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A1 – Course Contents
• Helping to understand primary Arabic with day to day talk
• Help mount sentence as well as begin with short talk,
• learn short, simple message and statements;
• Help to read small simple texts along with finding precise information;
• Providing simple communication, routine situation,
• Enhance reading skills •Order and Errand Verbs • How to form plurals • How to use verbs and pronouns • Abstract Nouns • Vocabulary • More Dialogues & Speaking Practice
Intermediary Level
With help of this course which is been designed for students who have already seek knowledge regarding Arabic language and for those who understand the script as well as a lack in making use and understanding of the grammar system. It helps this language student can meet a complete novice level course in Arabic.
• Text in Arabic are much similar with topics along with basic structure while reading
• Help understand simple conversation as well as complex talk between two people
• Conversation on similar and simple topic with excellent fluency
• Offer suggestion, Ask for information and confident making request
• Pronouns
• Relative Pronouns
• Demonstrative
• Prepositions
• The past tense
• The present tense
• Comprehension
Duration: 3 months
Time: 30 hrs

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